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THE GRIMM LEGACY by Polly Shulman

The Grimm Legacy of the title refers to a collection of artifacts held in a very special Repository.  Elizabeth Rue lives with her father and stepmother.  Because her parents are putting her two older stepsisters through college Elizabeth has had to leave the more expensive private school she was attending and transfer to a new–less expensive–school.  … Continue reading


  I usually refuse on principle to read books created in conjunction with the release of coordinated toys like the Ever After High dolls in the Barbie/Monster High aisles of stores.  Due to the fact that this particular series is authored by Shannon Hale  (of Princess Academy, The Goose Girl and Rapunzel’s Revenge fame) made … Continue reading

Lockwood & Co #1 THE SCREAMING STAIRCASE by Jonathan Stroud

The Screaming Staircase is, hands down, one of the best spooky, suspenseful ghost stories I have ever read.  The fact that it is so brilliantly and appropriately written for young readers makes it just that much more extraordinary.  Written by Jonathan Stroud, of The Bartimaeus Trilogy fame, The Screaming Staircase is set in London, fifty … Continue reading

GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE PEOPLE-TAKER by Adam-Troy Castro Illustrated by Kristen Margiotta

Gustav Gloom and the People-Taker is a quirky story that is part scare-your-socks-off and part chuckle-to-yourself.  Gustav sits in the front yard of the Gloom mansion.  All who see him there are agreed that he appears to be the saddest, loneliest little boy in the world.  Neighbors are NOT pleased to have the Gloom Mansion … Continue reading

CINDER by Marissa Meyer…LOVELACE nominee 2014-15 Division II

I am really excited about this book.  It’s been on my to-read list for a long time and I am soooo glad I finally had a chance to read it! Cinder is–as you may expect–a re-imagined telling of the traditional fairy tale Cinderella.  The book opens with Cinder digging a screwdriver into her ankle and … Continue reading

B.U.G. [BIG UGLY GUY] by Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple

B.U.G. is extraordinarily successful blending of contemporary realistic and fantasy fiction.  In addition to the seamlessly interwoven genres the story embodies the themes at the heart of every individual–particularly young people–trying to decide who we are when overwhelmed by feelings and circumstances. Sammy is bullied mercilessly at school–both physically and emotionally.  His only solace is … Continue reading


Tollins are not fairies.  Though they both have wings, fairies are delicate creatures and much smaller….In addition, fairies cannot sing B-sharp….Tollins regard fairies as fluttery show-offs and occasionally use them to wipe out the insides of cups.  Tollins are also a lot less fragile than fairies.  In fact, the word “fragile” can’t really be used … Continue reading


The Sandman and the War of Dreams is the fourth installment in William Joyce’s Guardians series (the animated feature film Rise of the Guardians was based on the series).  I have enjoyed each of the books and there is still one final installment left to be written, but The Sandman is my hands-down favorite so … Continue reading

ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? by Jordan Sonnenblick

Are You Experienced? by Jordan Sonnenblick is a skillful melding of contemporary realistic and historical fiction.  At its core this is a story about healing.  We meet our main character as he is regaining consciousness in the hospital.  Within the first few pages we know Rich is the teenaged son of older parents.  In those … Continue reading

GIANTS BEWARE! by Jorge Aguirre Illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Brilliantly plotted, exquisitely illustrated, Giants Beware! is a funny, fast-paced adventure.  Recommended to me by my 11-year-old son, I thoroughly enjoyed this romp of a story. Claudette is a straight-talking, courageous young girl who is anxious to fight the Baby-Feet-Eating Giant who lives outside the protective walls of the city.  After repeatedly hearing the stories … Continue reading