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DRAGON HOOPS by Gene Luen Yang

There are a lot of things to like about Dragon Hoops. I loved the in-depth individual looks at the players of the high school basketball team whose story Yang told, as well as features on the history of basketball and women’s role in the sport. The pacing is excellent. The art and the text play … Continue reading


I was truly looking forward to reading Gary D Schmidt’s Pay Attention, Carter Jones and I did enjoy parts of it, but as a whole it was a disappointment for me. (Having loved The Wednesdays Wars and Okay For Now, maybe my expectations were too high?) Pay Attention, Carter Jones begins with a bang:  it’s Carter’s first day of … Continue reading

PERFECT GAME by Fred Bowen…2015-16 Lovelace Nominee Division I

 Perfect Game was a surprise for me.  I will admit right from the beginning that I am NOT a huge baseball fan so I was sort of dreading reading this Lovelace nominee.  Perfect Game is, certainly about baseball, but it is more than that as well.  In the tradition of the best sports-themed stories Perfect … Continue reading

TOP OF THE ORDER by John Coy…a LOVELACE nominee 2012-13

Male protagonists seem to be in short supply in this year’s Lovelace nominee so Top of the Order is a nice addition for young male readers. Jackson Kennedy is in 5th Grade.  He loves baseball and is both dreading and anticipating the fast-approaching end of elementary and beginning of middle school.  His best friends Gig … Continue reading