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CLAP WHEN YOU LAND by Elizabeth Acevedo

& there was a moment when the wheels first touched down that my heart plummeted in my chest, but when we were slowing   & a smattering of passengers erupted into applause. The old lady in the seat beside me said in Spanish,   “They don’t do that as much anymore. This must be a … Continue reading

STAND UP, YUMI CHUNG! by Jessica Kim

Yumi is a middle-school-age Korean-American with immigrant parents. Yumi wants to do stand-up comedy but her parents believe she needs to concentrate on studying to pass a test and get a scholarship to an expensive private school with a good academic reputation (on the path to a good college and a career that is financially … Continue reading


Kacen Callender is a new discovery for me, and one for which I am grateful! King is a brilliantly developed character to whom a lot of middle grade readers will relate. Kingston James (King) is 12 years old. He is dealing with confusion and acceptance of his own sexuality at the same time he is … Continue reading

HERE IN THE REAL WORLD by Sara Pennypacker

I was not excited to read this book. I enjoyed Sara Pennypacker’s Clementine series with my kids when they were younger, but–and I am in the minority here–I did not like Pax; in fact, I DNF’d it. When Here in the Real World was chosen by my Mock Newbery group as the April read, and … Continue reading

DEAR SWEET PEA by Julie Murphy

I had read Julie Murphy’s YA novel Dumplin’ and thought it had some really great insights into body image and body language (as in the words we use to talk about female bodies in particular). When I saw she had a new middle grade novel I was excited to get my hands on a copy. … Continue reading