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I’M JUST NO GOOD AT RHYMING And Other Nonsense For Mischievous Kids and Immature Adults by Chris Harris; Illustrated by Lane Smith

I’m No Good At Rhyming was a fantastic surprise find for me at the library this month! A slightly-snarkier-Shel-Silverstein-esque collection of fun, witty poems I laughed and chuckled, rolled my eyes and downright delighted in every aspect of this read! Puns, silliness and clever wordplay characterize the text. I was immediately hooked by the first … Continue reading

MOTHER GOOSE OF PUDDING LANE by Chris Rashka Illustrated by Vladimirt Radunsky

I didn’t just dislike this book; it made me angry. Let me tell you why. I picked Mother Goose of Pudding Lane up from the New Picture Books shelf on a recent library run. I glanced at the first page where the author references a woman named Elizabeth Foster (b.1692 in Boston, MA). The book … Continue reading

GRUMBLES FROM THE FOREST by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich Illustrated by Matt Mahurin

Grumbles From The Forest: Fairy Tale Voices With a Twist is a collection of poetry.  The Dear Readers letter at the beginning of the book clearly spells out the authors’ intentions:  using some of the most well-known Western fairy tales they are going to re-imagine each one through a poet’s eyes, juggling different–sometimes unexpected–perspectives. The structure … Continue reading

HOW TO READ A BOOK by Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander’s poetic text in How To Read A Book perfectly captures the rush of feelings buoyed by a love of  reading and stories! From settling in with a new reading choice, or an old favorite: FIRST, FIND A TREE – A BLACK TUPELO OR DAWN REDWOOD WILL DO – AND PLANT YOURSELF. Alexander evokes the … Continue reading

T4 by Ann Clare LeZotte

T4 is the sometimes touching, sometimes horrifying story of Paula. I was born In a little house On a street With tall poplar trees.   I could see Bluish hills In the distance.   That was my home. But my country, Germany, Was not my home.   Our leader, Adolf Hitler, And the Nazi Party … Continue reading


Love this book!  If you’ve read Arith-me-tickle this is the perfect next step by the same author.  Delightful poems based on classic poetry which have wrapped themselves around math puzzles to be solved.  (If you haven’t read Arith-me-tickle I highly recommend it!) The featured poets include Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Ogden Nash, Langston … Continue reading


Won Ton is the story of a cat adopted by a young boy from an animal shelter.  As indicated by the title, the story is told in a series of haiku poems from the perspective of the cat.  The poems are by turns funny and sweet.  Any animal lover–and especially someone who adores cats–will fall … Continue reading

THE SIGN OF THE SEAHORSE: A Tale of Greed and High Adventure in Two Acts by Graeme Base

Graeme Base is without a doubt one of my favorite author/illustrators.  His book Animalia is one of my favorite picture books of all time.  I love that he (like John Lithgow and his illustrating partner C.F Payne in particular) treats his audience of young readers with respect in both his lavish illustrations and words. The … Continue reading