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KIZZY ANN STAMPS by Jeri Watts…2016-17 LOVELACE nominee Division I

I think Kizzy Ann Stamps will be a popular Lovelace choice, particularly for girls in grades 3-6. Kizzy Ann will be in 6th Grade in the fall of 1963.  We meet her the summer before she attends–for the first time–the integrated elementary school in their Virginia town.  The book is told in the form of … Continue reading

ESCAPE BY NIGHT: A CIVIL WAR ADVENTURE by Laurie Myers…a 2016-17 LOVELACE nominee Division I

Escape By Night is told by Tommy, a 10-year-old boy in Georgia during the Civil War.  His father is a pastor whose church has been transformed into a temporary hospital to accommodate the large number of wounded Confederate soldiers returning from the front.  When he sees an arriving soldier unwittingly drop a book in the … Continue reading


The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail is a simple, cute story.  Mouse Minor is small…very small…the smallest mouse in the Royal Mews in the court of Queen Victoria.  He is constantly getting into fights with his older, bigger classmates.  He knows the Headmaster doesn’t like him and when one fight goes too far he … Continue reading

BENJAMIN FRANKLINSTEIN LIVES! by Matthew McElligott and Larry Tuxbury…a LOVELACE Division I nominee

The prologue of Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! shows us a creepy chamber in which the famous Benjamin Franklin has bolts fastened to his neck (like Frankenstein’s Monster) and is submerged in a coffin-like tub of gooey green liquid.  We watch as he drifts into a coma state with his Caretaker from The Prometheus Order (a secret … Continue reading

CURIOSITY by Gary Blackwood

I was ecstatic to see a new novel from Gary Blackwood! And (for the most part) I was not disappointed. Curiosity is the story of Rufus, a twelve-year-old born with a curvature of the spine and an inborn ability to play chess.  Rufus lives in early 18th Century America.  His mother died giving birth to … Continue reading


I liked a lot of moments in The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher.  The author’s decision to portray Becky Thatcher (the classic character from Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer) as a bold and daring spitfire of a young girl in 19th Century America is perfect.  Becky’s character is well-defined and three-dimensional in thought and … Continue reading

LIESL & PO by Lauren Oliver

The best word I have for Liesl & Po is “lovely.”  I loved the story.  Although it never specifically identifies a time period, it seems very clear that it’s probably around Victorian times in Europe.  There is a Lady Premier, an Alchemyst, an Innkeeper, and an evil stepmother–as well as “the most powerful magic in … Continue reading

HEART OF A SAMURAI by Margi Preus…a 2014-15 LOVELACE nominee Division II

Heart of a Samurai was my 6th grade son’s choice for our bedtime reading since it is a Lovelace Division II (grades 6-8) nominee this year.  Our entire family was drawn into the story of Manjiro.  His story begins when, as a 14-year-old boy, he and four other fishermen are caught in a terrible storm and shipwrecked on … Continue reading

REVOLUTION by Deborah Wiles

I am split in my opinion of Deborah Wiles’ Revolution.  The main character is Sunny, a 13-year-old white girl living in Greenwood Mississippi in the summer of 1964.  14-yr-old Raymond Bullis, a young black man living in the Baptist Town–the “colored” area of the small city occasionally trades narrations with Sunny.  Sunny lives with her … Continue reading


Armani can’t wait for her 10th birthday and it’s almost here!  The day before her birthday their next door neighbors pack up their possessions and leave.  The father instructs Armani and her brother Georgie to tell their father that they should evacuate as well.  Armani begs her brother not to say anything until after her birthday party … Continue reading