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CHOMP by Carl Hiaasen…LOVELACE nominee Division II 2014-15

Wahoo (yes, that’s his given name–read the book to find out why) is left at home with his father while his mother travels to China to teach Mandarin to American businessmen overseas.  Wahoo’s father, Mickey, is an animal wrangler.  Unfortunately, Mickey is not able to work due to a freak accident wherein a frozen iguana … Continue reading

BENJAMIN FRANKLINSTEIN LIVES! by Matthew McElligott and Larry Tuxbury…a LOVELACE Division I nominee

The prologue of Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! shows us a creepy chamber in which the famous Benjamin Franklin has bolts fastened to his neck (like Frankenstein’s Monster) and is submerged in a coffin-like tub of gooey green liquid.  We watch as he drifts into a coma state with his Caretaker from The Prometheus Order (a secret … Continue reading

HEART OF A SAMURAI by Margi Preus…a 2014-15 LOVELACE nominee Division II

Heart of a Samurai was my 6th grade son’s choice for our bedtime reading since it is a Lovelace Division II (grades 6-8) nominee this year.  Our entire family was drawn into the story of Manjiro.  His story begins when, as a 14-year-old boy, he and four other fishermen are caught in a terrible storm and shipwrecked on … Continue reading

ALIENS ON VACATION by Clete Smith…2014-15 LOVELACE nominee Division I

Aliens on Vacation is pure fun.  David (Scrub) is sent to his grandmother’s for the summer.  Never having met her, he is unsure what to expect–except that she’s crazy.  She owns the Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast.  It doesn’t take David too long to realize that it is, in fact, an intergalactic Bed & Breakfast. As David’s grandmother … Continue reading

BREATHING ROOM by Marsha Hayles…a 2014-15 LOVELACE nominee…Division II

Breathing Room is the story of Evvy Hoffmeister, a 13-year-old girl who is placed at the Loon Lake Sanitorium for tuberculosis in 1940 in Minnesota.  The author grew up in Rochester, MN and her father was a pediatrician at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic there.  Her feel for the area and the topic are evident in the genuineness … Continue reading

ICEFALL by Matthew Kirby…2014-15 LOVELACE nominee Division II

I loved Matthew Kirby’s The Clockwork Three, so when I saw Icefall come up on the Lovelace nominee list I was thrilled! The book cover seemed to indicate the story would take place in a bleak northern landscape with fjords and Viking warriors–maybe Norway hundreds of years ago–and somehow I got the impression from the book … Continue reading

GHOST DOG SECRETS by Peg Kehret…LOVELACE nominee 2014-15 Division I and II

My children (ages 10 & 11) and I started reading Ghost Dog Secrets as a bedtime story.  Everyone in our family is a dog-lover so when the kids found out Ghost Dog Secrets was on both Division lists for the Lovelace Award it was the first one they chose for our family storytime.  After finishing Chapter 7 both … Continue reading

WORDS IN THE DUST by Trent Reedy…LOVELACE NOMINEE 2014-15..Division II

Words in the Dust is a powerful novel centering around a young Afghani girl names Zulaiyka.  The story derives its power from the genuineness of Zulaiyka’s voice as she relates the events in her daily life and her feelings about them.  This was one of those books that, once I finished reading it, I needed to … Continue reading


I am torn about my review of Breadcrumbs.  I feel as if I need to write two separate reviews because, unfortunately, this is actually two separate stories.  As this is a local author and I have not yet read her other work (The Cronus Chronicles series) I was looking forward to reading this Lovelace nominee. … Continue reading

SYLVIA & AKI by Winifred Conkling…LOVELACE NOMINEE 2014-15

Sylvia & Aki has a subtitle on the cover that reads: “Friendship know no barriers.”   The story, however, is not really about the friendship between the two girls.  It is told in alternating narrations by Sylvia Mendez, a young Mexican-American girl whose family is leasing a farm in Southern California in the 1940’s and who … Continue reading