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THE BRIDGE HOME by Padma Venkatraman…2021 MHL Nominee

The Bridge Home is Viji’s story.  Viji is eleven and her sister, Rukku, is a year older.  They live in Chennai, India with their mother and father.  Viji’s father is often angry and violent.  When her father’s brutality toward her mother spills over onto Viji and her sister, Viji makes the decision run away. Rukku is … Continue reading

FRONT DESK by Kelly Yang…MHL 2021 Nominee

Front Desk is the story of Mia Tang.  Mia and her parents are immigrants from China in the late 20th century in California.  When we meet Mia she is going into 5th Grade and her family has been in the United States for a few years. My parents told me that America would be this … Continue reading

NEW KID by Jerry Craft…2021 MHL Nominee

New Kid is a fabulous graphic novel about Jordan Banks.  Jordan is in 7th Grade.  Jordan loves to draw and wants to go to Art School.  We meet Jordan as he begins attending Riverdale Academy Day School.  Riverdale is a school in an upscale part of town;  Jordan has to take a long city bus … Continue reading