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THE FOWL TWINS by Eoin Colfer

As a HUGE fan of Eoin Colfer’s work and the  Artemis Fowl series, I have been anxiously awaiting the new Fowl Twins series! I was thrilled when my copy finally came in from the library and I dove in with relish the moment I got it home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as thrilled after I finished … Continue reading

A TALE MAGNOLIOUS by Suzanne Nelson

Nitty is an orphan who has run away from the Grimsgate Orphanage. She happens upon Magnolious, a circus elephant about to be publicly executed for killing her trainer. Nitty instantly knows Magnolious is innocent and the two sort of rescue each other in the middle of one of the terrible dust storms that have been … Continue reading

MY LIFE AS A YOUTUBER (MY LIFE #7) by Janet Tashjian

I originally read the first three My Life As A… series in 2013 because my 9-year-old daughter read them, enjoyed them and recommended them to me.  I recently picked up My Life as a Youtuber (#7 in the series) on a lark at the library, curious to see how the series was doing. I was pleased … Continue reading


Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts was a solid 3-star read for me. It is the first in a series about Sam Wu. The book begins with Sam’s ‘Unfortunate Incident That Will NEVER Be Mentioned Again’ during a school field trip. This results in Sam being christened ‘Scaredy-Cat Sam’ by his classmate Ralph Philip … Continue reading

RUMPLE BUTTERCUP by Matthew Gray Gubler

Rumple Buttercup is delightful in its simplicity of story and structure and depth of message. The description of this book is absolutely accurate: Rumple thinks of himself as ‘weird,’ and as such lives in isolation. He is afraid to leave his below-ground dwelling for fear that others will make fun of him, run away or … Continue reading


Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation was a definite 4-star read for me. I have been a fan of Stuart Gibbs since I first read Belly Up (and shared it with a 4th Grade classroom) in 2010! I love Stuart Gibbs’  FunJungle, Last Musketeer, and  Moon Alpha Base series and was looking forward to picking up the … Continue reading

THE OKAY WITCH by Emma Steinkellner

The Okay Witch was a light, easy, enjoyable read. The main character is 13-year-old Moth Hush. She and her mom live in Founder’s Bluff, Massachussetts. Moth has always felt out of place among her peers, she doesn’t have any friends and a lot of the other kids bully her on a regular basis. Early in … Continue reading

THE THIRD MUSHROOM by Jennifer L. Holm

The Third Mushroom is a sequel to Holm’s delightful The Fourteenth Goldfish. All the characters from the first book are back: we have 14-year-old Ellie, her best friend, Raj, Ellie’s parents, and Ellie’s grandfather, Melvin–a world-renowned scientist now living in the body of a 14-year-old boy (thanks to the events in The Fourteenth Goldfish). Technically … Continue reading

A SLIP OF A GIRL by Patricia Reilly Giff

Anna Mallon lives with her family in County Longford in the 1880s during the Land Wars in Ireland. They are tenant farmers on the Lord’s lands, struggling to raise enough crops to both feed themselves and make enough money to pay rent. Rent continues to climb and the weather continues to interfere with their ability … Continue reading


All the Impossible Things was a 4/5 star read for me. I am slightly conflicted in my overall opinion because I feel like it could easily have been a 5-star book and I find that fact bothersome when I look at the story as a whole. THE STORY: 11-year-old Ruby (Red) Byrd has been in … Continue reading