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I Just Want To Say Good Night by Rachel Isadora ranks among my favorite bedtime stories for children.  If I still had little ones–preschool, early elementary–I would DEFINITELY be purchasing this title for our home library. Sweet, gentle, and soothing it exemplifies the perfect bedtime read in that: (1) it is structured around Lala’s stalling tactic of saying ‘Good Night’ to several animals to avoid going to bed; and (2) this structure is repetitive, calm and quietly amusing.

Set in an African village the fully rendered landscapes and characters are drawn in browns, oranges and yellows, accented with red and green details. This book is so cozy in text and illustration it begs for a nice bedtime snuggle!

I don’t find as many of these types of ideal bedtime routine books reflecting children of color as main characters as I would like. Rachel Isadora is a one of my go-to authors for diversity in picture books, This is a great one to pick up and share with your kids at the end of the day, or as a lead-in to naptime.



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