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Biographical/Autobiographical, Early/Young Readers, STAR OF THE NORTH NOMINEE

JOHN DEERE, THAT’S WHO by Tracy Nelson Maurer Illustrated by Tim Zeltner…2020 MN STAR OF THE NORTH nominee

John Deere, That’s Who is an interesting and well written biography of John Deere.  Maurer is a Minnesota author and, although John Deere was not from Minnesota, his work is definitely one of the foundations of the Minnesota farming life.

This book answers the questions:

So who changed the plan for America’s farmers?

Who changed a nation forever?

John Deere, that’s who.

The illustrations are greens and browns that make the prairie landscape really come to life on the pages. They are beautifully realistic and enchanting. The style of the illustrations for the people in the book hold just the right balance of reality and caricature., providing interesting features that draw you into the story but do not distract from it.

Easy to understand, the author does a great job explaining the need for a revolution in plowing implements and how John Deere addressed that need and invented a solution to the problem.  This is a wonderful read-aloud to accompany an agricultural or farming unit in a classroom.  It is also a great choice for the young reader who is enthralled with farmers, farm machinery or John Deere, himself.


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