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THE NIGHT GARDENER by Terry Fan & Eric Fan

Each night a new masterpiece is created on Grimloch Lane.  The Night Gardener transforms a tree each night into a fantastically sculpted creature–a topiary–and a true work of art.  The story reveals how this small act of art creation has the power to transform a community in addition to the actual trees.

The brilliance of this story is that it feels infused with magic.  It is the magic that the creation of art engenders in both the creators and those who experience the completed artworks.  There are no potions or magic powers other than the creativity and artistic ability of the Night Gardener, himself. The Night Gardener is a beautiful way to show how art and the feelings it creates can change our lives in big and small ways inwardly and outwardly.

The topiaries change what the environment looks like but it is temporary.  The leaves will change color and fall off during the winter.  The feelings they created, however, and the new perspectives, the new ways of seeing will never leave this renewed community.


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