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WATER IS WATER by Miranda Paul…2016-17 Star of the North nominee

water is waterI have to confess that I did not have high expectations for a book about the water cycle.  Water is Water thoroughly engaged and impressed me!  It begins–as all the best ideas and concepts do–with a question, a wonderment:

Drip.  Sip.  Pour me a cup.  Water is water…unless

So begins a book of curiosity..unless…what if?  All of it is centered on the water cycle, the different forms water takes and in what ways it intersects with our lives here on Earth.  Each double page spread shows water in a different form that has somehow developed from the previous page and leads to the next one. The reader is shown water in the liquid form with which we most often associate it, then steam, clouds, fog, rain (puddles), ice and snowflakes.  Ms Paul leads the reader from ideas like evaporation and condensation, vapor, precipitation, seepage and runoff to the more accessible ideas of spring, how water creates mud and growth of apple trees, along with many other practical examples.

Because Water is Water also gives a lot of worthwhile and interesting facts at the back of the book it is a terrific resource in a science classroom–or as an introduction to a science lesson or unit with water or the water cycle at its center.  This is a great Star of the North nominee to read at home, particularly given these summer months that offer ample opportunity to experiment with water in all its forms!


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