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RED: A CRAYON’S STORY by Michael Hall…2016-17 Star of the North nominee

red a crayon's storyRed:  A Crayon’s Story is a story about how we often judge and label others based on what we see on the ‘outside.’

Red is a crayon.  He is wrapped in red paper with the word “RED” clearly printed on it.  But every time Red draws something it comes out blue.  Other Crayons and Art Supplies have all kinds of ideas about how to help him do a better job of being “red.”  Because Red is actually blue, none of their ideas work.  The difference for Red is the day Red meets a new friend who asks him to draw a blue ocean.

In Red, Michael Hall has crafted a brilliant character in a story for all ages–particularly accessible to young readers–about learning to feel good about who we are as individuals.  Research shows that the most consistently successful way to help children (and adults) navigate bully situations is to help them develop a strong sense of self–who they are, what they value and what makes each of them special.

With a clear, simple plot, collage-like illustrations and a charming sense of humor Red:  A Crayon’s Story is a perfect springboard into a young reader’s ability to identify in himself or herself the qualities that make each of them unique and wonderful!


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