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GIANTS BEWARE! by Jorge Aguirre Illustrated by Rafael Rosado

giants beware

Brilliantly plotted, exquisitely illustrated, Giants Beware! is a funny, fast-paced adventure.  Recommended to me by my 11-year-old son, I thoroughly enjoyed this romp of a story.

Claudette is a straight-talking, courageous young girl who is anxious to fight the Baby-Feet-Eating Giant who lives outside the protective walls of the city.  After repeatedly hearing the stories and legends Claudette can stand it no longer.  She tricks her younger brother, Gaston–an aspiring sword-maker and chef and her friend Marie–the Marquis’ daughter who desperately wants to be a princess–into accompanying her on her quest to find and kill the giant, thus freeing their town from its fear once and for all.

Both the action and the humor are nonstop right from the first page.  Claudette’s bravado and spunk make her a stellar heroine.  Gaston and Marie are equally engaging, each existing as a fully developed character.  Obstacles and surprises await the intrepid adventurers.  Rafael Rosado’s illustrations are so rich and detailed they practically move back and forth on the pages, quite literally unfolding the story before the reader.  The entire book reads like the best Disney and DreamWorks animated features.

Giants Beware! is a must-read for graphic novel enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys a really good story!


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