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Goldie SocksThis is a fabulous re-telling of the traditional Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale!  In this version Mama & Papa Bear are librarians and Baby Bear is a librarian-in-training.  Their cottage architecturally looks as if it is made of books.  Goldie Socks sees the cottage on her shortcut through the forest.  Because she “loved books more than bears love honey” she predictably goes into the Bears’ home (although she does knock first).  When she enters the home and sees the

“shelves and shelves of wondrous books…Goldie Socks knew she shouldn’t go in, but the temptation of all those books was more than she could bear.”

I have never liked Goldilocks very much in the classic story–and most other versions.  She has always struck me as a rude, greedy, selfish, ill-behaved brat.  In this version I actually understand her motivation for entering the house.  (I find it hard to resist shelves and shelves of books too!)

The riffs on ‘too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft’ and ‘just right’ are clever in their literature references without feeling contrived to fit the title.  The Bears return home just as in the traditional tale and discover they have an intruder.  In this version, however, the discovery of Goldie Socks is markedly different than other I have read.  Quite simply:  I loved it!

I want to add Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians to my personal library and share it often with (1) those who love reading as much as I do; and (2) those young readers just discovering that spectacular world of experience!


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