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By Guy Bass

Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things is great fun!  My children and I read it as a bedtime story (actually, my 8-year-old read it to the rest of us) and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dinkin Dings is afraid of everything…socks, toast, storms…everything that is, except the 3 “Frightening Things” who are his friends–a skeleton, a ghost and a monster.  Dinkin’s new neighbors look suspicious to him.  He is convinced they are zombies from outer space:  zombaliens.  His parents dismiss his fears and are more concerned with being embarrassed by the measures Dinkin takes to protect himself from the new neighbors.  (We find out that the previous neighbors moved away because Dinkin was convinced they were a family a bears in disguise and continually plagued them with investigative techniques designed to force them into revealing their true identities.)

The ending has a nice twist–one that our family literally screeched over–and the journey to get there is worth it!

The Frightening Things are funny and loveable–as is Dinkin, himself.  The book is a fast, easy read, rife with imagination, silliness and plenty of laughs.  It’s a delightful spooky read that isn’t TOO spooky.  It’s a great independent, bedtime or classroom choice–especially in October!


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