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Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom is FUN!  For kids who like cartoons like The Secret Saturdays or movies like Spy Kids, this book is for you!  Doc Wilde is a famous adventurer, known for fighting evil villains and monsters.  His children, Brian and Wren, often join him on his adventures.

In this story, Grandpa Wilde (Doc’s father) has gone missing in the Rainforest of South America. The only clue is a photograph of Grandpa standing in the mouth of a cave  (carved to look like a giant frog with fangs) and a small frog made from a single piece of emerald with ruby red eyes, which he somehow managed to send to Grandma before he disappeared.

Before the Wildes have even left for the Rainforest they encounter spy frogs outside the 86th floor of the Empire State Building and mutated Frog Men on the roof.  Brian even falls from the 86th floor trying to capture a spy frog for observation!

Trained in various martial arts and survival skills since birth, the Wildes finally set off for South America to find and rescue Grandpa.  Their rescue attempt quickly becomes a mission to save the world from an evil alien Frog and his manaical worshipers.

The story takes itself seriously enough to be a rollicking thrill ride and is still told with enough humor and old-fashioned adventure to engage the reader at every turn.  I highly recommend this book as a fun read-aloud or independent reading selection–particularly for students who enjoy the adventure genre!


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