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This short biography of Amelia Earhart is spectacularly done for 8-12 year old readers.  It is a larger size than a typical novel and the print is large enough to read easily, while not intimidating potential readers.  The biography itself sticks to basic facts withour a lot of speculation regarding her final flight.  The stories of her childhood are interesting and facilitate the reader’s understanding of Amelia’s development in thought and action.

Part of the brilliance of this biography is that the story of Earhart’s life leading up to her final flight is punctuated by the story of her disappearance in the form of short blurbs containing both official and unofficial radio receptions of Amelia Earhart in July, 1937.  This technique breaks the information into smaller chunks, making them easier to process and organize whether you are reading for enjoyment, information or as an assignment.

If you are looking for a source in a biographical study or report this is a terrific choice.  If, like me, you find Amelia Earhart to be an interesting historical figure (for both women and aviation) it is an excellent read.  I learned that Earhart actually went to high school for a couple years in St. Paul, MN (where I live).  This is new–and I have to admit kind of exciting–information for me!

If you are looking for quality nonfiction Candace Fleming’s biography of Amelia Earhart is dynamite and I highly recommend it!


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