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Lucy Rose is a third-grader attending school in Washington D.C., where she lives with her mom, newly separated from her dad.  Lucy Rose narrates the story in a simple, genuine voice.  Like any 9-year-old, Lucy Rose is apprehensive about a new school, sad about moving away from her father, irritated by a boy at school, and full of love for her mother, father and grandparents.

Readers see plenty of evidence to back up Lucy Rose’s claim that she is an “original thinker.”  Lucy Rose and readers alike roll through the joys and the frustrations in a year full of changes and new challenges.  Lucy Rose remains high-spirited and outspoken throughout.  She is by turns funny and insightful.  The story is both wholesome and humorous.  My children and I had a great time reading this together, giggling at Lucy Rose’s antics and feeling reassured by the way in which she navigates her difficulties.

Lucy Rose, Here’s The Thing About Me is a good choice for young readers who have enjoyed the Junie B Jones series by Barbara Park, but are starting to grow out of it.  This an excellent read-aloud/bedtime or independent reading choice for ages 6-9.

As an extra note I should mention that I chose to search out and read a Lucy Rose book because I had read Lovelace nominee Melonhead by Katy Kelly (same author). Although I was not overly thrilled with Melonhead I did feel there were some strong narrative and character moments in that book that warranted a sampling of the author’s other work.  Melonhead is a minor character in the Lucy Rose books (and she is in Melonhead as well).  The quality of the storyline and the strong characters in Lucy Rose lead me to believe that future books fromt his author using the character of Melonhead have the potential to be equally enjoyable and engaging.  (I may go back and re-read Melonhead to see if my opinion has changed at all after reading Lucy Rose.)



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