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CAPTAIN NOBODY by Dean Pitchford…a LOVELACE nominee

By Dean PitchfordI am soooo excited to tell everyone about Captain Nobody!  My children and I just finished reading Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford as our bedtime story.  We read for over an hour because none of us wanted to stop before we had finished it.  And I lost track of time.

Captain Nobody is the story of Newt Newman, the ten-year-old younger brother to Chris, a football star at the local high school.  Newt not only feels somewhat overshadowed by his well-known brother, but feels overlooked in general.  This comes sharply into focus for Newt when Chris is seriously injured in the final football game of the season and ends up in a coma in the hospital.

Newt’s friends, Cecil and JJ, attempt to distract Newt from dwelling on Chris’ situation by focusing on creating unique Halloween costumes.  They strive to invent costumes which will get them all noticed this year as they trick-or-treat.  In this way Newt discovers Captain Nobody, who quickly becomes a unique kind of superhero within the community.

The extraordinariness of this book is found in the genuine voice of Newt, himself.  Newt learns that Captain Nobody is a part of who he is.  He is able to uncover gifts he has always had, but not realized.  As Captain Nobody he allows himself to show those gifts to others so that friends, family and strangers alike begin to really see Newt.

The story is full of humor and compassion.  As we read, my children and I alternately laughed and swallowed over tears stuck in our throats.  We gasped at the exciting parts.   I heard my daughter giggle helplessly when Newt turned the hose on his brother the morning of the big football game.  I watched my son’s eyes widen in fear when Newt courageously faced his own fears to help someone else. And all three of us actually cheered aloud at the end of the book!

I love that Newt’s discoveries come not as a result solely of Captain Nobody’s adventures, but as a result of his realization that Captain Nobody is a part of Newt Newman.

Books like Captain Nobody are the reason I love reading and the reason I love to share great books. This story is a wonderful tale of self-discovery, courage, friendship, love and inspiration.  I believe that we discover a new piece of ourselves when we read something that touches us.  This is absolutely the case for me in reading Captain Nobody!

I highly recommend this book as both a read-aloud and an independent read selection!  This is one I plan to use as a read-aloud with my 3rd and 4th graders this year.


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