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Early/Young Readers


This is a little gem of a book.  It is an Old West version of the traditional Anansi trickster folktales from Africa, or the Brer Rabbit stories from the American South.  In this tradition it offers young readers both an approach to problem-solving and an opportunity for humor.

Aunt Nancy encounters several unpleasant–for a variety of reasons– guests and cleverly deals with each one according to his or her particularly troubling characteristics.

It is great fun to read aloud and offers many chuckles.  Although I have not yet had a chance to try it as a read-aloud selection I would definitely consider it for ages 4-9.

It offers the added fun in a read-aloud setting to do an easy, gentle accent, which is always a great way to hook kids into a story!

This would also be great for bedtime reading, as it is one book which contains several stories about Aunt Nancy that do not necessarily all have to be read at the same time or in a specific order.


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